Time to Live in the Present

Carpe diem: it seems as if that word has been uttered a lot. Maybe the cliche has lasted throughout the years because it brings the kind of wisdom people need to hear often. The saying simply tells you to seize the day, grab the opportunity to live in the now. Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot just to appreciate the time. While you have days that you just go out, splurge, and get everything you want, these aren’t the memories that stick to your mind. What you remember in the long run are the times you’ve spent with your friends and loved ones. The moments that matter are those that satisfy your soul.

It’s time to stop thinking about merely material possessions. Instead, invest your money on what makes your life worthwhile. When you live in the present, you stop worrying too much about what you plan to have in the future. Appreciate the countless blessings you have and do things that enhance your life. Take a break, go on a vacation, and make time to bond with your buds. What you’ll take with you is the fun times you had and the new experiences you got into. Adventure plays a big part in making things sweeter.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you have to stop planning altogether. You still need to know what you want to do in the course of your life. But while you’re waiting for that dream to come true, you should keep your eyes open to the wonderful things right in front of you. You still have responsibilities to fulfill, but when it gets too much, you should know when to step back. If totally forgetting about work is impossible at the moment, you can always start small and move forward gradually. Remember, those little delays have never made much of an impact in your life.

Learn to step back, take a breather, and don’t get too caught up in the complex web of life. Try to be present whenever life presents you with the opportunity to be in the moment of pure joy. While you worry about making more money, you could’ve just missed one of the most beautiful sunsets. Or, instead of enjoying the chance to go on a wild new adventure, you opted to work overtime. Don’t just be observers because being there is a different experience all on its own. When you get into the thick of things, this is when experiences become more extraordinary.

When you do things that you don’t normally do and try to see whatever the world has in store, you stumble across experiences that might be life-changing. Use your eyes develop a certain reverence for what you find around. If you learn to do this often enough, you’ll find pleasure in just about anything. That’s how you were meant to live, and that’s what you must aspire for. You can be at your happiest when you allow yourself to get lost in your senses. While work will always be a big part of you, happiness is even more so.

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