Property Presentations – How to Use a Computer in a Sales Pitch for a Listing

As technology advances there is a tendency to use computer tools and technology in a real estate listing presentation or sales pitch. Yes computers do have a place in sales pitches and presentations but make sure you use the technology well and in the right way. When used poorly they will destroy your presentation, your momentum, and your credibility.

Here are some rules to help your sales pitch and presentation when you have to use computers and other similar technology:

  1. The computer is a secondary tool to use in the presentation and not the main tool that presents your marketing and listing strategy to the client.
  2. You are the main focus point in the presentation, and on that basis you should be drawing in and keeping the attention of the prospect or client through what you say and what you do. When you direct their attention to a computer screen you are actually disconnecting them from you. It breaks your momentum, so do not do it often. You will never close a prospect on a point from a computer screen.
  3. Whilst it should go without saying, any computer technology you use should be handled with confidence. If you really do not really know how to use it, then don’t.
  4. Use mainly images in your computer presentation and not words on slides. Adult clients rarely bother reading the words on a computer screen even when it is used in a presentation or sales pitch. Pictures tell a story and will keep their attention much more effectively.
  5. Any computer presentation should be short and direct to the point. Make sure that the client’s needs and property features in 100% of the presentation.
  6. You can productively use the computer for examples of marketing on properties locally. Have a selection of adverts and PDF formatted flyers in your computer for just this very purpose.
  7. You can use the computer for internet access to a variety of internet marketing portals for property and other online resources such as other properties for sale, database reference, and calculation of sale costs.
  8. Use pictures of comparable properties as talking points on your computer screen. Examples of properties that have sold in the local area are also useful.
  9. Have a sample of a ‘dummy property’ that is password protected on your website so you can access it and talk the prospect through a series of sample marketing campaigns and how the website will assist their marketing process.
  10. Do not under any circumstances have or take the prospect through generic computer slides or presentational material about you, your office, or your staff. The client is just not interested; too many agents do it and it kills their presentation. Remember that the presentation is totally about them and their property, and do not shift from this focus.

So here is the main rule. Clients and prospects are not impressed by a computer used in sales presentations, but they are impressed by you and your ability to connect with them. If your computer presentation is about the property and the client, then and only then it will have relevance to the listing sales pitch and therefore keep their attention.

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