Future Harvest Or Present Gain – Which Do You Choose?

Seeking future harvest over today’s gain may seem difficult. But if we choose current gratification over tomorrows gain we short circuit our ultimate success and can dramatically limit our life’s accomplishments and happiness.

Sometimes it is not easy to focus on your future harvest and long-term Life’s Purpose when immediate gratification is staring you in the face. Especially in the midst of society’s current dominant pattern of thought expressed in the phrase “I want mine now.”

This generation has been described as the “me generation” based on a self centered focus of getting what we want and getting it now. But Eddie Cantor had his long term Life’s Purpose to drive him to success even if others could not see it. It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.

Ask yourself which you most often choose: getting instant gratification or delayed gratification for the long term future harvest. In other words, are you willing to put off getting things now in order to plan, prepare and save for future goals and dreams? An example would be choosing to put a percentage of your income in a savings account in order to buy a new home in the future, instead of buying a new automobile today.

An effective business philosophy

This long-term thought process is also a vital part of an effective corporate strategy. Lee Iacocca efforts to turn around the troubled Chrysler Corporation close to bankruptcy, offers a good case in point. As head of Chrysler, Iacocca engineered one of the greatest turnarounds in industrial history. Soon after a reporter asked him why, in the midst of astronomical cash shortages, asset liquidation, massive layoffs, and possible bankruptcy, he set aside $750 million to launch a new product the Caravan. He replied, “I had to. If you eat the seed corn, you have no future.”

Don’t eat your seeds of success today and sacrifice your future harvest tomorrow.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that his wiliness to invest in a future harvest was one of the major reasons for his mega success. He states: “The key trade-off is how much money to put into future improvement verses how much to put into present consumption. Keeping my money in productive investments suits me.”

Some of the fastest growing Internet companies have invested nearly all of their net profits back into projects that will bring future growth.

Yet most people are shortsighted and focus on the present fruit rather than on future harvests. We need to have a mind-set on a continuum of harvests rather than on one-time events. By planting and nourishing seed today we can reach bounty tomorrow. If you desire to live a lifestyle of increase, you must determine to set aside a certain amount of your present time, money, resources and energy as seed for future harvests and benefits.

Those who fail to adopt delayed gratification thinking and a future harvest focus, normally find themselves fighting reoccurring battles with debt, material problems, health difficulties and relationship breakups. Instead of spending all their income, wise personal planners choose to set aside a certain amount for investment, savings or future purchases and accomplishment.

Business consultants James Kouzes and Barry Posner put it this way. “The most important role of visions in organizational life (or personal life) is to give focus to human energy. Visions are like lenses that focus unrefracted rays of light. To enable everyone concerned with an enterprise to see more clearly what’s ahead of them, leaders must have and convey a focus.”

Have you found your future harvest focus by uncovering your Life’s Purpose?

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