Ballet Christmas Presents – Start Your Shopping List Now!

For those who have ballerinas and men in ballet in their lives, there are ideas for ballet Christmas presents that go beyond new leotards, books and movies. Though, I am sure those items would be well received, the following shopping tips may help you choose (or ask for) a slightly different but relevant holiday dance gift.

- a book about reflexology for muscle relaxation

- a book about trigger point therapy for muscle conditioning

- a book about foot massage for those pointe shoe aching feet

- a DVD on high intensity weight training for men in ballet

- a book about guided imagery in dance training, for a ballet teacher

- a book about healthy eating for dancers – for the cook in your house!

- a better television on which to enjoy ballet films!

- a home ballet barre for the serious ballet dancer in your family

- ballet class music to help practicing at home

- scrap-booking kits and supplies for the busy ballet (grand)mom or (grand)dad (or sibling)

- a digital video camera for the budding choreographer in your life

- a whirlpool type of foot bath for foot and soul (okay, lousy pun!) relaxation

- a beautiful journal for the dancer who loves to write

- an exquisite dance calendar for the new year

- a subscription to a dance magazine

- a compact daily calendar for the busy dance student/teacher/pianist/parent

- relaxation music for unwinding

- any electronic gadget or software for time management (for homework even)

- bath salts or aromatherapy for muscle recovery (throw in some beautifully scented non-polluting candles)

- decorative ballet art posters for inspiration

Start looking for deals, and combine a couple of Christmas presents with routine purchases to save on shipping, or whatever ‘buy more’ discount your on line shopping site is offering.

It may seem early to write about ballet Christmas presents, but the pumpkins are out and in a wink we will see Christmas decorations! Happy shopping!

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