5 HUGE Digital Marketing Trends For Event Presenters

That’s a huge ‘HUGE’ because it has been noted that while the technological industry is absolutely booming as it is consistently coming up with new applications and features, the event industry is struggling to keep up with that pace, and the only tech-y stuff organizers are really comfortable with includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, here are five digital marketing trends that event presenters could use efficiently in order to enhance their marketing strategies:

1. ‘Mobilegeddon’

Owing to the fact that 60% of online traffic is due to mobile devices, Google altered its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites. This implies that if you’re not aware of this alteration, you might lose your chances of coming up on the first page of Google’s results. Don’t fret, though, because if you avoid the following factors, you’ll still be competing for the trophy:

  • Tiny links and buttons
  • Text that’s hard to read and decipher
  • Requirement of Horizontal Scrolling
  • Unsupported plug-ins

Google Webmaster” has a tool named “Mobile-Friendly Test” and it will tell you just how mobile-friendly your website is.

2. New News Feed Algorithm

Let’s start with a fun fact – if you say that title five times, it starts sounding funny.

And now that you have a big grin on your face, I’ll enlighten you about Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm update, which is less of something new and more of going back to the beginning. Facebook has (again) started prioritizing posts of relatives and friends over those of liked pages, and so you might be required to actually pay a decent sum if you don’t want your posts to be lost amongst relationship status updates and vacation diaries.

3. Re-tweet Comment

Of course, you already know what I’m talking about when you hear the word ‘tweet’! And you are well aware of the frustration that accompanied you whenever you thought of quoting someone else’s tweet – the copy-pasting, trying to squeeze your own comments, giving them the tweet credit all in 140 characters. Not happening, Twitter, not happening. So, Twitter finally made it happen when it introduced the “re-tweet with comment” option where you can quote somebody’s tweet and also add 116 characters to the same. This lets you keep a track of how effectively your advertising is working, and also interact with your followers better.

4. Watch where you are going

Because Apple is definitely in your way! Stupid pun, but a very important trend that you can use to your advantage is the launch of Apple Watch. If we are to trust statistics, around 50 million people will be using the Watch by 2016. So, if you don’t want to stay behind the time (yay for the pun, again), you might as well come up with innovative ways to incorporate the usage of Apple Watch in your events so that you come off as a tech-savvy event presenter and impress all your attendees.

5. LinkedIn’s Pulse

For all those who think it is very difficult to drive people to your blog through LinkedIn, here’s a smart solution – bring your blog to LinkedIn. With Pulse, you can blog right on LinkedIn and the posts will be categorized to provide users with feeds that will be relevant to their niches. At the same time, one must ensure that the posts on Pulse should have the professional edge that lies in LinkedIn’s innate nature.

While these may be the few trends that might prove to be of utmost importance to event organizers for event promotion, it will always do good if you keep a persistent eye on whatever is new in the tech market because these industries walk hand-in-hand to provide users with the best products and services.

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