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Time to Live in the Present

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Carpe diem: it seems as if that word has been uttered a lot. Maybe the cliche has lasted throughout the years because it brings the kind of wisdom people need to hear often. The saying simply tells you to seize the day, grab the opportunity to live in the now. Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot just to appreciate the time. While you have days that you just go out, splurge, and get everything you want, these aren’t the memories that stick to your mind. What you remember in the long run are the times you’ve spent with your friends and loved ones. The moments that matter are those that satisfy your soul.

It’s time to stop thinking about merely material possessions. Instead, invest your money on what makes your life worthwhile. When you live in the present, you stop worrying too much about what you plan to have in the future. Appreciate the countless blessings you have and do things that enhance your life. Take a break, go on a vacation, and make time to bond with your buds. What you’ll take with you is the fun times you had and the new experiences you got into. Adventure plays a big part in making things sweeter.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you have to stop planning altogether. You still need to know what you want to do in the course of your life. But while you’re waiting for that dream to come true, you should keep your eyes open to the wonderful things right in front of you. You still have responsibilities to fulfill, but when it gets too much, you should know when to step back. If totally forgetting about work is impossible at the moment, you can always start small and move forward gradually. Remember, those little delays have never made much of an impact in your life.

Learn to step back, take a breather, and don’t get too caught up in the complex web of life. Try to be present whenever life presents you with the opportunity to be in the moment of pure joy. While you worry about making more money, you could’ve just missed one of the most beautiful sunsets. Or, instead of enjoying the chance to go on a wild new adventure, you opted to work overtime. Don’t just be observers because being there is a different experience all on its own. When you get into the thick of things, this is when experiences become more extraordinary.

When you do things that you don’t normally do and try to see whatever the world has in store, you stumble across experiences that might be life-changing. Use your eyes develop a certain reverence for what you find around. If you learn to do this often enough, you’ll find pleasure in just about anything. That’s how you were meant to live, and that’s what you must aspire for. You can be at your happiest when you allow yourself to get lost in your senses. While work will always be a big part of you, happiness is even more so.

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Presenting the Steps Or Elements of Your Program

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If chapters are the meat of your manuscript, then the heart of it is the chapters that present the actual steps, techniques and elements that make yours a how-to/self-help book. If they are not easy for readers to understand and try out, all of your efforts will be for nothing. Keep them focused, organized, with the steps and exercises spelled out in detail, and your book will be well on its way toward the bestseller lists.

Inconsistent formatting: When it comes to introducing the individual programmatic chapters and subsections of your book (such as the seven steps to recovery or the six characteristics of a thriving organization), it is essential that you find a fully consistent way to present them. Inconsistency in a book distracts readers, and you Do not want readers distracted by the book’s formatting when they should be absorbing its content.

Do not present a bulleted list of the steps in some exercises, and omit such lists for other exercises. Do not use anecdotes to illustrate how people develop key problems associated with being adult children of alcoholics in some chapters, and not use any anecdotes in other chapters. Do not give exercises for developing some skills, and forget to provide exercises for other skills.

Do not number the steps of an exercise in one spot and use letters for the steps in other spots. or if you have a good reason for doing so, warn the reader in the Preface to your book. Instead, develop a consistent format for each element. and stick to it. If you use any of the above once, use them all the time.

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Future Harvest Or Present Gain – Which Do You Choose?

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Seeking future harvest over today’s gain may seem difficult. But if we choose current gratification over tomorrows gain we short circuit our ultimate success and can dramatically limit our life’s accomplishments and happiness.

Sometimes it is not easy to focus on your future harvest and long-term Life’s Purpose when immediate gratification is staring you in the face. Especially in the midst of society’s current dominant pattern of thought expressed in the phrase “I want mine now.”

This generation has been described as the “me generation” based on a self centered focus of getting what we want and getting it now. But Eddie Cantor had his long term Life’s Purpose to drive him to success even if others could not see it. It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.

Ask yourself which you most often choose: getting instant gratification or delayed gratification for the long term future harvest. In other words, are you willing to put off getting things now in order to plan, prepare and save for future goals and dreams? An example would be choosing to put a percentage of your income in a savings account in order to buy a new home in the future, instead of buying a new automobile today.

An effective business philosophy

This long-term thought process is also a vital part of an effective corporate strategy. Lee Iacocca efforts to turn around the troubled Chrysler Corporation close to bankruptcy, offers a good case in point. As head of Chrysler, Iacocca engineered one of the greatest turnarounds in industrial history. Soon after a reporter asked him why, in the midst of astronomical cash shortages, asset liquidation, massive layoffs, and possible bankruptcy, he set aside $750 million to launch a new product the Caravan. He replied, “I had to. If you eat the seed corn, you have no future.”

Don’t eat your seeds of success today and sacrifice your future harvest tomorrow.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that his wiliness to invest in a future harvest was one of the major reasons for his mega success. He states: “The key trade-off is how much money to put into future improvement verses how much to put into present consumption. Keeping my money in productive investments suits me.”

Some of the fastest growing Internet companies have invested nearly all of their net profits back into projects that will bring future growth.

Yet most people are shortsighted and focus on the present fruit rather than on future harvests. We need to have a mind-set on a continuum of harvests rather than on one-time events. By planting and nourishing seed today we can reach bounty tomorrow. If you desire to live a lifestyle of increase, you must determine to set aside a certain amount of your present time, money, resources and energy as seed for future harvests and benefits.

Those who fail to adopt delayed gratification thinking and a future harvest focus, normally find themselves fighting reoccurring battles with debt, material problems, health difficulties and relationship breakups. Instead of spending all their income, wise personal planners choose to set aside a certain amount for investment, savings or future purchases and accomplishment.

Business consultants James Kouzes and Barry Posner put it this way. “The most important role of visions in organizational life (or personal life) is to give focus to human energy. Visions are like lenses that focus unrefracted rays of light. To enable everyone concerned with an enterprise to see more clearly what’s ahead of them, leaders must have and convey a focus.”

Have you found your future harvest focus by uncovering your Life’s Purpose?

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Present Moment Dementia

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Imagine that your child had appendicitis. Could you imagine a family conversation about whether or not you’d do the operation on the kitchen table? I hope not.

Yet, families often get caught in a kind of equivalent around a parent with dementia. What shall we do? How can we get our parent fixed? What should we do to make them better?

Of course, any family is probably going to be watching medical developments closely and hopefully around this disease. So they should.

A family’s real role is having enough good care around the parent. Learning what makes good care for their parent. A certain level of agreement so that the family can move onto getting to know this parent in the present state of having dementia.

Often, that’s approximately the last thing many families do. I can guess why. I’m betting they mainly think, “Is this our inheritance? Is this who I’m going to be one day?”

I wish more frightened families would go into therapy, because their fear issue is not the reality of care. But they share our society-wide terror of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s, if we’re even talking Alzheimer’s accurately in most cases, is demonized. The reality is that life with dementia is not necessarily a torment. Dementia does not physically hurt. It can emotionally be a whole range of experiences, from okayish to horror.

I’m not saying there’s no reason to fear dementia, just questioning what use that has? Wouldn’t we do better to learn how to cope with dementia in a family member. Regular dementia, which is variable with a certain consistency in each individual, has good or bad days. That often depends upon the care that surrounds and supports the person with dementia.

I’ve always been astonished in this 12-step, personal growth, therapy-minded world of ours that we don’t all those skills to dementia. But we don’t.

On the whole, people would almost rather avoid to learn, grow and aim at finding good times in care. Now I’m not criticizing, just seriously wishing people could more easily come into the present moment with the person with dementia.

Holding back and fighting makes everyone so lonely, so frightened and so abandoned. Getting together, drawing in and learning some relationship skills applicable to dementia changes all that.

I have seen that over and over again. The help and hope and healing in dementia is for the family to come close and do what’s needed. That is the healing for everyone, even the person with dementia.

The biggest problem is the terror that keeps people away. Sometimes literally, but most often figuratively. I think maybe that’s why people don’t learn good dementia relationship. Maybe it’s too much like giving in instead of fighting.

Yet dementia is only like any other big family problem. It’s not different. Not special. Not really. When a family member can come and stand on the same side as the person with dementia, they both feel better.

And that is what all crisis and all care is about. About standing together. Sharing the burden. About being family, together with the person with dementia.

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CoSHH – Understanding Dangerous Substances Present in Your Workplace

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Your employees health could be in danger if there are chemicals or other hazardous substances present in the workplace as they could be exposed to illnesses such as asthma, dermatitis or cancer.

Under CoSHH regulations, it is a requirement that employers control substances that can potentially cause harm to workers health. One of the stages in the CoSHH risk assessment framework is to identify what hazardous substances might be present in the workplace.

CoSHH substances can come in three possible forms – solids, liquids and gases and vapours. Solids comprise substances such as toner powder, smoke, dusts, sawdust and fumes. Liquids include rubber cement, paint thinner, solvents and fuels. Gases and vapours come in a variety of forms such as smoke, ammonia gas, paint vapours, carbon monoxide and natural gas.

It is important as an employer to identify what substances are coming into the workplace and where they are used, worked on, handled or stored. It is also necessary to think about what substances may be produced during any process as by products might be given off as wastes or fumes etc.

Substances can arise from a number of sources such as maintenance, cleaning or repair work.

To recognise a hazardous substance you must have the necessary CoSHH knowledge, skills and expertise to do this. If the substance is classified as toxic or ‘dangerous for supply’ then the supplier must send a safety data sheet (MSDS) when the product is initially ordered. This information includes guidance on safe handling practices. If necessary contact the supplier or sales representative for more information. Another way to gather more information on the product would be to research it on the internet or check the HSE website (CoSHH) under the sub heading for your trade.

Examples of hazardous substances found in the office include photocopier toner, glue, paints, and domestic cleaning products such as bleach and furniture polish and pest control substances. Substances which can also be harmful and cause the skin condition dermatitis include flowers, bulbs, fruit and vegetables. Dusty working areas, for example in welders and woodworkers, can cause lung diseases.

It’s also a myth to believe that just because a product is labeled ‘natural’ it can’t be harmful. For example, henna can cause dermatitis and asthma.

Aside from health hazards, there can also be physical effects such as fire and explosion from certain hazardous substances. An example of such is that certain solvent-based products give off a flammable vapour. Also, clouds of dust from everyday materials, such as wood dust or flour, can explode if ignited.

Once it has been ascertained that hazardous substances are present in the workplace it is essential for a CoSHH risk assessment to be carried out.

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Boost Up Your Sale (Real Estate) Through Architectural 3D Presentation Design!

Jun 14 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Architectural 3D Design or Architectural 3D Presentation is proven best tool of property marketing even before you built up anything, Expert 3D Designer artists has the skill of 3D visualization which convert your imagination in the form of 3D walk through and Rendering Design. Real Estate Developers and Real Estate Agents-Brokers are using this type of 3D Walkthrough Presentation to promote their properties. Even 3D Rendering Design would also helpful to get the permission of construction and re-construction of any building.

As Property Marketing Tool – Architectural 3D Walkthrough Presentation and 3D Rendering Image work perfectly because you can use this tool online also. You can spread you Architectural 3D Presentation via CD-DVD and online through Email. You can upload your 3D presentation on Video Sharing website like YouTube ,metacafe and many other video submission websites. This would be the best way to attract your potential property buyers.

To have an Architectural 3D Presentation – It would be among Interior 3D Presentation and Exterior 3D Presentation or Both, you just need to provide some basic information to the 3D Rendering Studio which is going to provide the 3D Presentation like.

For Interior 3D Design, you will required to send Interior details like Texture, Colors, and few Photographs of Furniture, along with Floor Plan of the Building and few other required things.

For Exterior 3D Design, you will require to send the photographs of surroundings, Site Plan and Elevation, the Structure of the Building etc.

Except the Interior 3D Design and Exterior 3D Design there are more property marketing tools. So lets have look at the Different Property Marketing Tools.

1. Interior 3D Rendering (3D Design)

2. Exterior 3D Rendering (3D Design)

3. Architectural 3D Walkthrough (3D Presentation – Includes Interior-Exterior)

4. Architectural 3D Flythrough (3D Presentation which Includes Overview of the Property Exterior)

5. 3D Floor Plan

To get better knowledge of Architectural 3D Presentation and Property Marketing tools you can go through the website and fill up the inquiry form to avail Free Quotes on the Property Marketing Tools, and also to solve certain queries regarding 3D Rendering Process.

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Selecting a Present Is As Effortless As Charms

Jun 13 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Strolling close to present stores, department retailers and toy merchants normally waste our time seeking for that ideal treat and obtaining it is fairly weary. It will get harder pondering how to show that somebody how you enjoy him or her. It is really confusing to find the suitable reward on a particular event. We usually assume of simple issues but have useful thoughts. First or alphabet beads and charms are basic but timeless considering that these beads and charms have their names’ initials and a sentimental way to in no way overlook a valuable memory.

Preliminary Beads and charms are created for a purpose. They are specially personalized is dependent on the wearer’s expression of oneself. With its cursive to block types of letters from A-Z, you will locate it distinctive and interesting trend. They can be employed to combine initials, generate names or even phrases this kind of love, friendship, unity and so on. Preliminary beads and charms may well search that easy but they are sophisticated along with the products utilized. Original beads and charms are normally handcrafted with enjoy by jewellers for far better top quality and why the styles range.

First beads and charms can also be used as token or giveaways in weddings or parties. Original beads and charms are ideal reward for partners, loved ones members and shut friends. Preliminary appeal also replicate one’s genuine character acts individuality to the wearer. Adding of these beautiful first appeal is the best way to personalize and customize your reward. Regardless of whether it is gold or silver, this gift is certain to put a smile to the receiver. You can give somebody dear to you first beads and charms in diverse sweet techniques; customized cell phone straps with their initials, add-ons on a distinctive bracelet and appealing initial pendants or rings or anyway that is worn shut to the cardiovascular system.

Trendy moms will adore to wear these fashionable and fairly collectibles. Initial charms arrive in distinct styles and types. Women are often up to style developments, they had been by no means left out. They would surely want much more of this since of its authenticity and elegant patterns. Charming little girls like your granddaughters and nieces will be attracted by these dazzling accessories. They adore to put on lovable and lovely jewels specifically when they have their names or initials in it.

Original Appeal are also employed to dress up lovable pets’ collars as a “bling”. Dogs and cats are our very best pals but we intend to deal with them royalties and pamper them with these items. With these initial charms, your dogs and cats will be glowing and styling.

Preliminary appeal are the excellent accessory for every single day don. Preliminary appeal are great keepsake for you and somebody you enjoy so much – a ideal way to maintain recollections close to your heart. Discover the very best original appeal at Appeal N Jewelry. They all look lovely, and all are with the highest high quality.

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5 HUGE Digital Marketing Trends For Event Presenters

Jun 12 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

That’s a huge ‘HUGE’ because it has been noted that while the technological industry is absolutely booming as it is consistently coming up with new applications and features, the event industry is struggling to keep up with that pace, and the only tech-y stuff organizers are really comfortable with includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, here are five digital marketing trends that event presenters could use efficiently in order to enhance their marketing strategies:

1. ‘Mobilegeddon’

Owing to the fact that 60% of online traffic is due to mobile devices, Google altered its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites. This implies that if you’re not aware of this alteration, you might lose your chances of coming up on the first page of Google’s results. Don’t fret, though, because if you avoid the following factors, you’ll still be competing for the trophy:

  • Tiny links and buttons
  • Text that’s hard to read and decipher
  • Requirement of Horizontal Scrolling
  • Unsupported plug-ins

Google Webmaster” has a tool named “Mobile-Friendly Test” and it will tell you just how mobile-friendly your website is.

2. New News Feed Algorithm

Let’s start with a fun fact – if you say that title five times, it starts sounding funny.

And now that you have a big grin on your face, I’ll enlighten you about Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm update, which is less of something new and more of going back to the beginning. Facebook has (again) started prioritizing posts of relatives and friends over those of liked pages, and so you might be required to actually pay a decent sum if you don’t want your posts to be lost amongst relationship status updates and vacation diaries.

3. Re-tweet Comment

Of course, you already know what I’m talking about when you hear the word ‘tweet’! And you are well aware of the frustration that accompanied you whenever you thought of quoting someone else’s tweet – the copy-pasting, trying to squeeze your own comments, giving them the tweet credit all in 140 characters. Not happening, Twitter, not happening. So, Twitter finally made it happen when it introduced the “re-tweet with comment” option where you can quote somebody’s tweet and also add 116 characters to the same. This lets you keep a track of how effectively your advertising is working, and also interact with your followers better.

4. Watch where you are going

Because Apple is definitely in your way! Stupid pun, but a very important trend that you can use to your advantage is the launch of Apple Watch. If we are to trust statistics, around 50 million people will be using the Watch by 2016. So, if you don’t want to stay behind the time (yay for the pun, again), you might as well come up with innovative ways to incorporate the usage of Apple Watch in your events so that you come off as a tech-savvy event presenter and impress all your attendees.

5. LinkedIn’s Pulse

For all those who think it is very difficult to drive people to your blog through LinkedIn, here’s a smart solution – bring your blog to LinkedIn. With Pulse, you can blog right on LinkedIn and the posts will be categorized to provide users with feeds that will be relevant to their niches. At the same time, one must ensure that the posts on Pulse should have the professional edge that lies in LinkedIn’s innate nature.

While these may be the few trends that might prove to be of utmost importance to event organizers for event promotion, it will always do good if you keep a persistent eye on whatever is new in the tech market because these industries walk hand-in-hand to provide users with the best products and services.

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Pointers For Using PowerPoint Presentations Properly

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If ever there was a tool that could add so much to your public speaking, yet can also be the biggest downfall for a public speaker, then PowerPoint is that tool. Debate has been raging whether you should use PowerPoint presentations or not in your speech – some speakers swear by this program, whilst others won’t go near it.

Personally, I like to use PowerPoint presentations in my speeches as I believe that it adds value to my speech. However, I do understand the reasoning behind why you shouldn’t use PowerPoint displays. If they are done correctly, they can turn a low-quality amateur speech into a high-quality professional one. However, if used incorrectly, the consequences are catastrophic.

Therefore, I have compiled five simple pointers on how to improve your PowerPoint presentations. I have tried to ignore the obvious ones i.e. make sure that the text on your PowerPoint is big enough so everyone in the audience can read it, and give you pointers that I find some public speakers are doing incorrectly.

Point 1 – Talk to Your Audience, Not to the PowerPoint

If you are continually looking at your PowerPoint when you are speaking publicly, you are not going to connect with your audience. Generally speaking, when you are using a PowerPoint, it is displayed behind you. Therefore, if you are talking to your PowerPoint, then you are going to have your back to the audience. Your audience will very quickly get bored of looking at the back of your head! Also your voice is not being directed at your audience, therefore it will be harder to hear. So if you want to deliver an effective speech, remember to talk to your audience, not to the wall.

Point 2 – Don’t Read from your PowerPoint/Don’t Let the Audience Read from your PowerPoint

Your PowerPoint should not contain chunks of text on it, which are the exact same words that you are presenting in your speech. Your PowerPoint should contain dot points, pictures, diagrams, charts or other visual representations. Your audience came to hear you deliver a speech, not read large chunks of text off a wall. Consider your PowerPoint to be the notes that your audience would write down, not the textbook that they would read.

Point 3 – Don’t Let Your Power Point Distract Your Audience to a Point that they are not Listening to You

If there is too much happening in your PowerPoint, then your audience’s attention is going to be distracted, therefore they will not be focusing on you and your message. That is why I recommend that you only use pictures and not movies during your public speech. Also, try and leave the picture/slide on the screen for a bare minimum of 60 seconds average.

Point 4 – Don’t Use Sound Effects

There is no point having all these crashes for each slide transition and a whoosh every time a paragraph comes on screen. It is just too complicated and pointless. Now I have no problems if, during your public speech, you do a couple of sound effects to get the audiences attention i.e. sound of the cash register just before you talk about money, but don’t overdo it. Try to limit your sound effects to no more than ten per speech, regardless of length.

Point 5 – Don’t Rely On Your PowerPoint So Much That You Cannot Deliver Your Speech Without It

Technology has a habit of not working when you need it to work! Regardless of whether you have a multi-million dollar technology budget or not, you cannot rely on technology! Therefore, there is no excuse for you to not to be able to deliver your speech if technology fails you. You should be able to effectively explain all of your visuals during your speech.

If you are uncertain whether you should include something in your speech or not, always remember the KISS theory – Keep It Short and Sweet or Keep It Simple Stupid. Remember that your PowerPoint is an aide, but not essential to your speech. The message that you are trying to convey in your public speaking should come from you, not your PowerPoint.

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Creative Birthday Presents in a Gift of Good Taste and Style

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Edible delights creative birthday presents are works of art with good taste. The classic creative baskets have been delivering good thoughts to friends and families through the years, as the warmth and magic of birthday wishes keep friendships alive and well.

Creative birthday presents in tasty birthday gift baskets are reminders of how special these friendships are. Edible delights in birthday gift boxes and creative baskets let you send your best to people of all ages:

  • The gourmet specialty goodies in the Happy Birthday gift box are for the friends who enjoy sweet and savory treats.
  • Give the Happy Birthday college care packages to the student who is away from home. Let them have their birthday celebration with their friends, edible delights, silly string and musical candles.
  • Say Happy Birthday to a boy or girl at their party with treats of all sorts. Your gift will be the hit.

Creative birthday presents can be any number of the classic creative baskets. Gourmet baskets have a variety of sweet and savory delights of delectable tastes:

  • Book Lovers gift basket for the birthday book worm. This lovely gift can be given with gift cards and come with delectable edible delight perfect for curling up in an easy chair for a relaxing day.
  • The Gourmet Choice creative basket is a special treat for any occasion and birthdays are no exception. Say happy birthday with style.
  • Sweet N Treats for the sweet loving person you know or the sugar free creative baskets are lovely gifts to give any friend.

Creative birthday presents are themed gift baskets in a variety of flavors and tastes. Snack baskets entertains us with movie gift baskets, snack attacks, office bytes, classic globe gift boxes and creative baskets for special gifts for friend or family members.

Sports gift baskets sends your favorite sports fan a birthday wish in football, all stars, fishing creels, and golf gift baskets. Your birthday friends can enjoy the edible delights, while being entertained with fishing or golfing wisdom.

Cheese and crackers gift baskets send a savory message of delicious tastes with savory food gifts. The classic creative food gift boxes are an all time favorite for many birthday boys.

The delectable creative birthday presents with incredible edible delights for your friends and family birthdays are loaded with fun, warmth and friendship. Send your friendly birthday wishes today!

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